Cyprian Aarons

Web3.0 Software Engineer

Hello! 🙂

My name is Cyprian Tinashe Aarons. I am a software engineer and the creator of a Web 3.0 tech company called Topiax. And also the founder of a non-profit organization on Mental Health called All We Got Is Mind. Previously worked as the CTO of Freshideas the parent of Freshinabox, Joeys, and Surprise. Where I lead a team of competent developers for more than 2 years.

Am very passionate about software development and building projects from the ground up. I have experience in both frontend and backend development with javascript being my language of choice for most projects. For most web3.0 projects i work with reactjs , solidity and nodejs.

Outside work I listen to podcasts, read a lot of books and write Web3.0 and blockchain technical content on and

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